Volunteer Screening

Volunteer screening is an essential part of the Corps Support Committee to ensure that all volunteers at any corps are cleared with the Army Cadet League of Canada in order to keep our cadets safe.

All screening coordinators should be familiar with the National Policy 10.1 from the national website. Link to the national policies is below:

ACLC National Policy

Please note there is a program with Volunteering Alberta that may be able to wave any fees with local police detachments called a VSPN letter. This can be requested on our site under under the main menu Join Us and under VSPN Application Form. Once this has been obtained the volunteer can proceed to their local detachment in order to obtain a VSS clearance letter. NOTE - All VSS letters must be original stamped copies from the local detachment. Copies or online versions will NOT be accepted.

Once this has been obtained the applicant must use the online application found on the nation site. We also have a link to the new online form by going to the main menu under Join us. You will find a link to Online Screening Application.

The applicant will need to submit, print a copy read and sign all sections. Once this is completed they need to provide the following to the local Screening Coordinator at their corps:

1. Application filled in completely and all sections signed
2. Original stamped VSS letter from local police detachment
3. Copies of 2 forms of government issued ID
4. Well lit Digital Photo of volunteer with plain background

From there the Screening Coordinator will complete the interview and reference checks. Once all forms are completed and approved then everything is to be forwarded to the screening governor at the following address:

ACLCAB - Screening Governor
#38, 2300 13th Street
Lethbridge, AB
T1H 4E8

Send the digital photo online via the online tool under Volunteer Screening called Volunteer Photo or at the line below:

ACLC Volunteer Screening Photo

NOTE - Any incomplete applications will be returned to the screening coordinator

Upon Return of the card please ensure to provide the volunteer a copy of the following:

Volunteer Code Brochure

This will ensure that the volunteer understands the role they have and the rules and responsibilities they are governed by

The have the volunteer complete the Civilian Volunteer Agreement below to acknowledge:

Civilian Volunteer Agreement

Ensure to keep these filed with the screening coordinator for future reference and if requested by the provincial or national office.