Become a Volunteer

The Army Cadet program depends heavily on parents and community volunteers. Our volunteers are valuable to us and we are always looking for individuals of all talents and interests to help make the Army Cadet program a success.

All our volunteers go through an application process to ensure and offer a safe environment for the cadets. They also help support the corps, alongside the Commanding officer and the corps staff, and are also closely involved with the ongoing activities of the corps such as, organizing fundraising activities, coordinating canteen refreshments on parade nights, organizing food for weekend activities, assist with publicizing the Army Cadet Program, soliciting sponsorships, and much more. It will also offer you an extremely rewarding experience in many ways.

As a volunteer, you get to see first-hand the benefits this program can offer our youth today and watch them become leaders of tomorrow as they progress through the program.

To become a volunteer, you must be:

• 19 or older
• Willing to work with youth aged 12-19 or be a member on the Corps Support Committee
• A member in good standing in your community
• Be screened by the Army Cadet League as per ACLC Policy No. 10.1 here: ACLC National Policy

To find out how to become a Volunteer at a Cadet Corps, contact your local corps or the League office at 1-866-230-2769 or Email Us for more information.