Royal Canadian Army Cadet Training Centers


There are two camps maintained by the League for use of Cadets during the year. Camp Howard is located in the Southern Zone, north of Cochrane near Rocky Mountain NACSTC in the Ghost River Wilderness Area. The camp serves as a weekend retreat for any cadet or scout unit that wish to rent it and can accomodate about 50 persons.

Army Cadet Summer Training Centres

Army Cadets in Alberta mainly attend Vernon ACSTC in British Columbia or Whitehorse ACSTC in the Youkon. Cadets earn the privilege of attending these summer camps as they progress through the home Corps “Star Level” training programs. Some of the courses have age and fitness requirements. The camps are normally 6 weeks long.

Paid Staff Cadet positions are also available for the senior cadets (16-18) who have qualified through their training and past attendance at camps. It is a rewarding position where their training in leadership and knowledge of skills is put to practical use in training younger cadets.

The Rocky Mountain NACSTC replacing Banff NACSTC for Wilderness Challenge and Pipes and Drums courses is located at Ghost River, AB.