The Army Cadet league of Alberta is always striving to honor individuals that are outstanding.

With the Honor Cadet we are looking at reviewing applications from every corps of individuals that are working to become the best cadet that they can be!

This can be brought forth by League Representatives, Support Committee members, the local CO or corps staff.

The deadline is December 31 of the current calendar year.

Criteria for this award:

❖ Excellent attendance
❖ Respected by other Cadets
❖ Innovative
❖ Involved with junior Cadets, who are treated with respect
❖ Dedicated
❖ Demonstrated leadership skills
❖ Community involvement

Complete the following information as detailed as possible please N/A if no information available:

Eg. Top Green Star Cadet out of total: 1 out of 10 cadets
Awards, Special Recognitions, Staff Positions, etc.
eg. Volunteer work
Extra-curricular activities, Leadership
eg. Red Cross Lifesaving courses, Hunter Education
Be as detailed as possible

Good Luck to all applicants!