The Army Cadet league of Alberta is always striving to honor individuals that are outstanding.

With the Top Army Cadet Corps we are looking at reviewing applications for Cadet Corps that are outstanding.

This can be brought forth by League Representatives, Support Committee Executive, Sponsoring Group, League Members or the local CO or corps staff.

The deadline is April 30th of the current calendar year.

Complete the following information as detailed as possible please N/A if no information available:

Eg. Green, yellow or red status - Completion of mandatory training - Completion of extra-curricular training.
Honour Cadet: Deadline Dec. 31 annually - Honour Officer: Deadline Dec. 31 annually - Col. Lee Thompson Award: Deadline Dec. 31 annually - Kozar Cup Drill Competition - Alberta Hunter Education - Capt. Chris Gerbrandt Photo Contest: Dec. 31 annually - SC with league - Financials, Inventory, Societies all filed
eg. Highway cleanup, local parks cleanup, Community Volunteering
Be as detailed as possible

Good luck to all Corps nominated!