IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED - Content Insurance - additional information required to ensure continued coverage DEADLINE TO SUBMIT - July 5th


Since 2017 the ACLC has been offering a Contents Insurance program to provide the Corps of our province coverage for the equipment is that is owned by the Corps Support Committees. While continuing to provide the necessary coverage, the ACLC renewed its insurance policies with a new provider in March 2021. The new insurance company has since required that the corps registering to this program provide more information about the contents and about the storage facilities used to store the equipment, such as the building construction, protection & recent updates.


As the National Office prepares for the insurance policy renewal process to cover the Aug 1 2022 to July 31 2023 period, the insurance company requires that ALL the corps originally registered with this coverage program update their records. It has also become essential to provide an inventory list for each storage location. A new form was created for this purpose.

In order to ensure the ongoing and appropriate coverage for the equipment owned by each Corps Support Committee, it is imperative that the new form and an inventory list be submitted NO LATER THAN July 5th. By failing to do so, coverage cannot be guaranteed and could potentially not be applicable at all. Access the new form here:

For more details about our Insurance program, you can refer to section 4 of the National Policy Manual:

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out.