The Army Cadet league of Alberta is always striving to honor individuals that are outstanding.

With the Colonel Lee S. Thompson Award we are looking at reviewing applications from every corps of league volunteering individuals that work hard to make their cadet corps the best it can be!

This can be brought forth by League Representatives, Support Committee members, the local CO or corps staff.

The deadline is December 31 of the current calendar year.

Criteria for this award:

❖ Active service to the corps or Support Committee
❖ Worthy actions of the individual that you want to showcase

Complete the following information as detailed as possible please N/A if no information available:

IE: Do they offer to cook for FTXs? Do they run the stores at the Corps? Are they on the Unit Support Group? Are they on the Executive of the Unit Support Group?
Be as detailed as possible
eg. CO, Support committee treasurer, etc.

Good Luck to all applicants!