50th Anniversary Coin Nomination

As most of you know, this year is the 50th Anniversary of the Army Cadet League of Canada and also the Alberta Branch.

The National League has produced a limited number of coins which will be given out in recognition for exceptional service to the Army Cadet League of Canada (ACLC).

The province will be receiving one coin for every cadet Corps in Alberta and an Additional 8 to be given out by the Board of Governors.

Below is the nomination form available for nominating individuals you feel is most deserving from your Corps Support Committee.

If you feel you have someone else you feel deserving of receiving one of the other eight, we ask that you submit a nomination form for them as well.

Each nomination must include a 100-word citation as to why you are nominating the individual.

As we expect to receive many nomination forms, that 100-word citation will be very important for the Board’s nomination committee in choosing the recipient.

The following is taken directly from the Internal Directive concerning the criteria and eligibility of a nominee:


This applies to the local, Branch, and National Level Presentations:

Individuals shall be recognized for a minimum of one of the following:
a. Long and distinguished service to the ACLC;
b. Exceptional service to a project that brings great benefit or recognition to the ACLC;
c. Exceptional service in support of the ACLC’s mission, objectives roles and responsibilities; or
d. Exceptional Service to the ACLC in overcoming obstacles and challenges.


Recipients must be:
a. Past or present member of the Corps Support Committee;
b. Member in good standing of the ACLC;
c. Director of the ACLC; or,
d. An individual who provides exceptional voluntary assistance to the ACLC, its affiliated Branches or Support Committees.

Generally speaking, members of COATS, CIC, CI, RCSU and the National Cadet & Junior Canadian or Ranger Support Group are ineligible.

Employees of the ACLC and its affiliated Branches are ineligible.

All nominations into the League office no later than April 15, 2021.

50th Anniversary